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About Me

As a dedicated Creative Director, I've spent 20 years creating and delivering award-winning work to dozens of B2C and B2B organizations. My passion is collaborating with talented and innovative professionals to drive campaigns, content, experiences and events that exceed expectations and business objectives.

Although highly focused on client strategy and managing creatives, I also roll up my sleeves and immerse myself in projects as an art director, designer and copywriter. I thrive on providing mentorship while working side by side with my team to ensure timely delivery and flawless execution.

As a leader, I am a focussed listener and an effective communicator with a proven track record in driving successful campaigns supporting digital, print, web, trade show, video, social, packaging and demand generation assets. I appreciate the people I work with, and I enjoy inspiring those around me by leading with respect, humility, and humor.

I love engaging people through a relevant story and compelling design, and I look forward to meeting my next audience.

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